Rapid 5080 Electric Stapler

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Model: AC20993411
Shipping Weight: 3.6kgs
Brand: Rapid

An electronic stapler with cassette loading. Each cassette holds 5000 staples and uses the same staple regardless of the number of sheets.

Rapid 5080E electric stapler features:
  • Guaranteed for 500,000 stapling operations (worn parts are automatically replaced with each fresh cassette)
  • Adjustable stapling depth
  • Easy to re-load
  • Re-load required is indicated well before staples run out
  • Extremely quiet action and low vibration
  • Comes with a bonus Rapid 5080 staple cassette
  • Capacity: 80 sheets
  • Staples Required: Rapid 5080 staple cassette

This product was last updated on Monday 29 April, 2024.