Rapid 105E Electric Stapler

$3,344.44  $2,508.33
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Model: AC10870402
Shipping Weight: 4.1kgs

A thin electric stapler for office and packaging stapling. Two or more staplers can be connected in series with fibre optic cable for stapling simultaneously. The staplers are sequentially controlled and therefore do not overload the mains. Patented electronic controlling, pneumatic damping etc gives agreeable and quiet sequence of operation. 105E has a steplessy adjustable force and the stapling depth is also adjustable. The stapling is automatic or with a pedal.

Rapid 105 Features:
  • Adjustable stapling force and stapling depth
  • Automatic or pedal controlled stapling
  • Protection visor
  • Staples Required: Rapid 66/6-8

This product was last updated on Tuesday 21 May, 2024.