Replacement Blade For Ledah 6 Hole Sharpener


Model: H-100852113
Shipping Weight: 0.15kgs

Complete blade in holder unit, including the holder balance for the Ledah 6 Hole electric sharpener. Item No. LED/IH-11333.

Replacement Instructions:
  1. Disconnect unit from the mains outlet
  2. Remove 3 screws from base of the unit
  3. Pull the main mechanism from inside the grey shroud
  4. Remove 2 screws from the front holder
  5. Pull the blade unit out from the front whilst applying light pressure to the centre part held by the white cog

Perform steps in reverse order to assemble the sharpener.

Picture of unit disassembled

Picture of white cog

This product was last updated on Tuesday 23 April, 2024.