Rexel CWB406 Flowline Pro Premium Office Comb Binder


Model: AC2101436
Shipping Weight: 14.2kgs
Rexel have released its new binding range of premium quality comb and wire binders featuring the patented Flowline Pro binding system.

Rexel CWB406 Flowline Pro Premium Office Comb Binder Features:
  • This patented system makes binding as quick and easy as it could possibly be and ensures perfect results every time
  • It's a revolution in binding!
  • Fully featured manual comb and wire binder with high punch capacity
  • All the new features of the new Flowline range
  • Punches up to 30 sheets
  • Binds documents up to a maximum of 450 pages using 50mm combs and a maximum of 140 pages using 14mm wires
  • Punches A4 and A5 paper
  • Also closes 21 loop wires
  • Includes margin depth adjuster, comb opening stop plus 'Simple Click' for finger tip control of comb opening
  • Comes complete with starter kit. 2 year warranty

This product was last updated on Tuesday 17 September, 2019.