Bostitch Professional Stapler 65 Sheet


Model: AC315590
Shipping Weight: 1.3kgs

Bostitch staplers take stapling to an all new level. Thanks to a patented spring-powered mechanism, this PaperPro stapler can staple from 5 - 65 sheets with minimal pressure. Available in a wide range of sizes and designs, the PaperPro range of staplers provides the power needed at both the home and the office.

Bostitch Professional Stapler Features:
  • Staples up to 65 sheets with 2-finger ease
  • Patented staple-gun style performance
  • Smaller, more powerful than traditional high capacity staplers
  • Durable all-metal construction for high volume use
  • Jam free performance
  • Includes 1000 high capacity staples
  • 25/10 staples for 10-65 sheets

This product was last updated on Tuesday 02 March, 2021.