Novus B2200 Heavy Duty 2 Hole Punch (200 Sheets)


Model: N-025-0488
Shipping Weight: 4.3kgs

The Novus B2200 Heavy Duty Hole Punch is a power pack with unique application advantages. Thanks to the leverage it can punch up to 200 sheets of 80gsm paper smoothly.

The 4-hole punching of a paper pad (up to 200 sheets 80g/qm) is a breeze thanks to the new movable adjustment unit. With the two coupled positioning guides it is now possible to easily perforate every size from A6 to A4 centred. File-flush punching of all paper sizes with DIN A4/A5 locking mechanism. Swivel guard for maximum safety for the user. The easily removable casing facilitates quick and simple replacement of the wear parts without the need for tools.

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Punches 200 sheets 80mm Punch Distance 6mm Diameter Punch Guide
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This product was last updated on Sunday 14 April, 2024.