IsoPropyl Desk Cleaner and Workspace Disinfectant (Pkt 12)


Model: AC631050900-PK12
Shipping Weight: 3.5kgs

It's never been more important to keep a clean desk and work environment. This Norfolk desk and workspace cleaner with 70% Isopropyl is well placed to combat germs and bacteria. It is suitable for disinfecting/cleaning your work desk, hard personal protective equipment (hard hats) and whiteboards by simply spraying, allowing the product to sit for 10 seconds, then wiping off with a clean cloth.

Desk Cleaner and Disinfectant Features:
  • Suitable for household and office use
  • Convenient 250ml bottles with sprayer
  • Perfect for disinfecting work desks, sit/stand desks or hot desks
  • Easy to use, just spray on and wipe of 10s later with a soft cloth

This product was last updated on Sunday 25 October, 2020.