Thermal Binding Glue Sheets 285mm x 250mm (Pkt 5)


Shipping Weight: 0.6kgs

Thermal Binding Glue Strips have many uses. You can create your own custom thermal binding covers, repair books, let your imagination loose on your own unique creations.

Start by creating your cover using your favourite materials, and score them to create a spine to the width required for your book. Once done simply cut the glue sheet to the required width and length, making sure to leave approx 5mm short at top and bottom to avoid glue spilling out of your book when heated.

The final step is to bind your book using your thermal binder. We have a range of these on offer in our online store.

Each sheet measures 285mm x 250mm. Sold in Packs of 5.

Please note: The range of thermal binding covers available on our site already have the glue strip inserted in the spine. These strips are intended for use in custom covers, book repairs etc.

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This product was last updated on Wednesday 03 July, 2024.