eWire 3:1 Wire Binding Machine


Model: EWIRE-31
Shipping Weight: 8.75kgs

The eWire 3:1 (3 to 1 or 3 holes per inch) is a manual wire coil binding machine. It is ideal for when you have low volume wire binding requirements. The eWire binder is an affordable 3:1 wire binding machine that includes both a punch and wire closer for A4 sized documents.

The eWire binding machine is perfect for companies looking to start binding their own documents using twin loop binding wire. This machine can punch approx 10 sheets at once. It has a sturdy design that makes it a practical and affordable wire binding machine. This machine is also known as the E Binder 3:1, and is very similar to the popular Akiles OffiWire coil machine.

eWire Binder Features:
  • Effective: Punches up to 10 sheets
  • For A4 size documents (34 loops on an A4 sheet)
  • Steel Dies: Special hardened punches assure a clean and precise punch time after time, even when punching hard to punch materials, such as Polyester, PP, PVC, etc.
  • "U" Shaped Handle: The U shaped handle makes punching easy
  • Strong: The metal chassis and the high quality parts guarantee reliability and durability.
  • Bilateral Wire Closer: designed to adjust at each end, providing a precise and even wire closure.
  • Side Margin Guide: for evenly spaced side margins and to centre the document.
  • Smart Wire Selector: easily choose the correct wire diameter for your document.
  • Capable of binding up to approx 100 sheets of 80gsm paper (200 printed page document if double sided
  • Capacity can be expanded by using Bound to Impress 3:1 plastic spirals for a robust binding technique that can bind documents up to 45mm thick
  • ISO 9002 Quality
  • One year manufacturer warranty
e-Wire Binder Review by Jeff McRitchie
Please note the following review relates to the Offiwire, which is an equivalent of the e-Wire Binder with the primary difference being the e-Wire is designed for A4 sized paper.

Presented as a small or home office solution for light duty binding, the Akiles OffiWire comes in 3:1 pitch. It can bind documents using double loop, wire-o, or twin loop styles. Here is a short report that lists some of the strengths and weaknesses of this machine as we see them.


  • This 3:1 pitch machine gives you the option of binding books and booklets from three sixteenths to nine sixteenths of an inch with wire. You can also use 3:1 spiral coil binding supplies to extend the range of binding to 45mm thickness.
  • We really appreciated that Akiles went the extra mile by constructing the OffiWire's wire closer of all metal. It is often a problem with a lot of lower end machines that they scrimp a little on the quality of the closer. This creates problems down the line when they start to close wires crookedly. This machine's wire closer is made out of heavy duty steel and we can safely say that it is unlikely that it will ever wear out. The bolts that it uses allow for precision adjustment of the closer, and also prevent slipping.
  • It's the little things that mean a lot. In the case of the OffiWire, that includes the U-shaped operating handle that seems more ergonomic than those on a lot of other machines. Our resident southpaw appreciated the fact that it was just as easy for her to use as it is for the righties.
  • There is even a wire holder located on the machine's front that will help the user hold the spine of the document in place when hanging pages. All you need to do is to press on the back of the holder and insert the wire. The clamp then holds the spine in place while you do your inserting.


  • Though it is a very feature-rich machine, it is important to understand that the OffiWire is a unit that is meant for use on a small office setting. It has a fairly light punching capacity of ten sheets per lift, and this alone makes it not terribly well suited for larger office or higher volume use. If you will realistically need a larger capacity than this, you should keep looking. If not, however, the OffiWire is still a great choice, in our opinion.
  • Although the construction is good, it should be mentioned that the chassis of this machine is made of plastic. If you want a machine that is of all metal construction, you may need to step up to the WireMac, Akiles' similar, but more durable machine.
  • There are no disengageable dies on the OffiWire, and it is limited to punching sheets that are A4 sized. There is also no mechanism for controlling the depth of the punch margin.

3:1 Pitch
3 holes per inch
34 loops per A4 sheet

This product was last updated on Friday 24 May, 2024.